Can I just say how much I love Florence Welch? Like I want to wake up some morning and just BE her.

This past week, I caught a case of the mean reds and fell into an artistic rut.. I moped around for days until tonight, when I finally turned off Netflix and turned on some Florence + the Machine. I swear, her voice is like caffeine. It's so soulful and powerful. I can't help but sing.. or yell.. along to her songs [when Lucas isn't around].. makes me feel like I can do anything!

And this video.. not only is the song amazing, but the images are completely inspiring:

Love. It.

virginia tech love

I finally got my Etsy print in the mail yesterday! A friend sent me the link to this and I just couldn't resist!! My fiance and I met at Tech, so this print was perfect and I just had to get my hands on a copy for our apartment!! Can't wait to find a frame for it :]

Thanks, Art Shark!

home, where my thoughts escape..

I got to spend a few days with my parents over the holiday weekend. As always, it went by way too quickly.. but it was amazing while it lasted. We got hit with some serious springtimey weather, so I took advantage and spent each afternoon in the grass with my book and my puppy!

I love that no matter how long I've been gone, Skunk is always so happy to see me :]

Apparently he's become a goat-herder.

He's so sneaky! As you can see.. always snatching things! But he's so much fun to play with; and after the last few weeks, I really needed some time to just.. play!

I did some exploring, too.. and found all sorts of beautiful birds' nests. I'm always amazed at the intricate detail of those things. I found an abandoned egg, too, but skunk ate it.


thou are my love and i am thine, i drew thee to my valentine!

After a painful 5 and a half hours of Color Theory, I was finally able to come home and spend the evening with my Valentine! I was literally falling through the doorway, dropping my markers and gouache, when I saw the beautiful pink flowers he had gotten me!! Definitely the pick-me-up I needed!!

If that wasn't enough, next to the flowers was a little box with these super cute earrings hiding inside!! Cupcakes because, well, he calls me his "cupcake".. I know, I KNOW.. but I love it! :]

And no Valentine's Day would be complete without the chocolate, so here are the Oreo Truffles I made for my guy.. though, it's been a struggle not to eat them all myself!!

I just love this day of the year! Nothing ever seems quite as bad on Valentine's.. not even 5.5 hour classes!

Happy Valentine's Day, Pumpkin.



For Color Theory this semester, we're required to get some design markers to experiment with, so I asked Daddy if I could borrow just a couple of his..

.. and this is what I got in the mail today!! Thanks, Dad!!

spring feva.

I've been in desperate need of some springtime color! Day after day of cold and gray skies can really bring a girl down! So with a trip to Harris Teeter and a few fun vintage bottles, I've got myself a windowsill garden to cheer me up!