the rendering that took 20 hours..

Coffee Tasting Area

..and still didn't come out correctly!! That is definitely fuzzy gray carpeting where my awesome hardwood floors should be!!

But all in all, I guess it's not so bad for my first rendering in Revit!! And I'm just glad my laptop could actually handle it.. I was getting nervous around hour 17!




Virginia Tech.


The amazing crowd that braved the bitter cold and vicious wind to honor 32 lives.


My sweet brother cooked me a feast for breakfast Saturday morning! And he's not changing a light bulb in the next picture - we were hunting Easter eggs that my mama planted all over his apartment! Just for the record, I won by a landslide.


sleep pretty darling..

This Saturday marks 4 years. Hard, hard, hard to believe.

I still miss my Rossmo and it still feels like just yesterday we were eating chocolate croissants and trying to decipher our music theory notes together.

But I'm looking forward to being back on the VT campus this weekend and running the 3.2 for 32 run again. It's an amazing feeling to see everyone come together like that each year.. gotta love that Hokie spirit!!


neVer forgeT.


friends and donuts.. what more do you need?

ding donuts



I had so much fun last night catching up with the girls.. and finally trying a hot and ready Krispie Kreme!! Brought home a hat for Lucas, but the leftover donuts didn't quite make it that far!!

I'll never settle for Dunkin's again.


cupcake mission

My little cousin and a friend came into the city today JUST for some Georgetown cupcakes.. that's a 2-hour ride here and then an hour and a half wait just to get into the shop!! That's some serious dedication.

And definitely worth it.. a dozen cupcakes each and lots of laughs :] Can't wait to see her again!


I tore into mine before I even had time to get a picture!! The Cherry Blossom cupcake is my favorite so far.. loaded with cherries!!


wish list.


Someone buy me this Alen Lewis print, please!! :] Hint hint, Lucas.


cherry blossoms


I experienced my first food cart.. $6 hot dogs, yikes!



at the Tidal Basin.. blossoms at their peak!

shamrock shake

I hate McDonald's with a passion, but I had a lapse of judgment the other night and ended up in their drive-thru with Lucas. I had actually heard of their shamrock shake, so I talked Lucas into getting one to split. Leave it to McDonald's to make a florescent green, lime-flavored shake (apparently really fake mint flavoring becomes lime). I actually really liked it! Ha..

lost it.


photo 3-pola

This is how we recover from a long, busy week/weekend.

warning: may be too cute for some audiences

Skunk had a birthday this week, so my parents took him to the spa for some grooming and pampering! And he was such a good birthday boy that his stylist sent him home with a bag full of treats and a birthday monkey! Happy 3rd birthday, Skunky Monkey.

Skunk's very first bath.. only a few months old! He's deathly afraid of the water.. his whole body still locks up when we get him near a tub!


Makes me miss having a puppy of my own!! Lucas is definitely not a dog guy, though, and we could never agree on a breed anyway. I need a hypoallergenic dog and Lucas will only settle for a Pomeranian. Yeah.

But if we could find one anything like this guy, I might cave: