to my pumpkin.


Two years ago today we met for the very first time and went walking down the Huckleberry Trail together in Blacksburg. I thought you looked pretty tough with your shaved head.. but that you seemed much shorter in person (sorry!). But we clicked right away and talked like we were already close friends. You were even a gentleman and drove me the whole minute and a half back to where my car was parked!

Who knew that two years later, we'd be engaged and living in DC together! I would never have made this move without you and I'm so thankful for a man who encourages me to push my limits, keeps me laughing, is patient when I have the mean reds, and makes this country girl feel safe in the [sometimes scary] big city!

Love you, Pumpkin.
-Your cupcake


Michelle said...

Your post is hilarious! Very sweet too. I'm glad I got to see both of you guys today!

Leah Nicole said...

Me too!! :] I might have to drag him along more often!!